In the event you no longer have access to the email address registered with your TISC account you may perform an account transfer. The transfer will allow you to assign the account a new email address and password. This process will invalidate the existing login credentials.

This process requires that you are receiving emails from TISC Authentication. Please add to your email contacts and check your spam folders if you do not receive an email.

In order to successfully complete a transfer you must meet the following requirements:

  • Know the existing registered email address for the account
  • New email address must be the same email domain as the existing registered email address (domain e.g.
  • New email address must not already be associated with a TISC account
  • Have no existing transfer requests

Once you have submitted your request you will receive an email to verify you have access to the new email address. After you have completed verification an email will be sent to the existing registered email address asking the recipient to approve or reject the request.

Note: If there is no response within 10 days the account will be automatically transferred. In the event that we receive a response at a later date we may suspend access to the account until the matter is resolved.

You will receive a notification once access has been approved or rejected. If approved, you will be prompted to set up a new password on the account, whereupon the transfer will have been completed.

Please read our Terms of use and our Privacy policy before continuing.

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